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for artists, galleries,
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what i do

Being an artist is a uniquely personal profession - our work is part of us. And when our passion becomes a business, it can be hard to know how to evolve into a "brand" without losing what makes your work

I understand this because I'm an artist, too.

Brand Design

Social Media Template Designs

Opt-In Design

Print Material Design
Packaging Materials Design

Photoshoot Art Direction

Website Review +  Recommendations

Flodesk Set Up and Implementation

Flodesk Workflow Set Up

Website Design for Shopify, showit, or Squarespace

fully custom branding + website

That's why I've
created branding services exclusively for the art and creative community.

Current site reviews, set up, and design for Shopify and Squarespace

Services for those ready to elevate their brands...or just get a little help.

ready to sell your work online?

ready to get your brand in shape?

how we can work together

ampersand design - shopify design (as an employee of aeolidia)

A cohesive brand experience can take your art business to the next level, increasing sales and creating loyal collectors.

The bottom line? You can get back to what you do best - creating the work you love.

education for artists & illustrators

A self-paced online course created to help you create a magnetic brand for your art business.

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