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Jen Wojcik Photography // Brand Reveal!

I’m not sure if I’m lucky or cursed with the fact that my clients do such cool work all over the world. Lucky because I get to work with their beautiful images, cursed because it makes me so jealous! Such was the case with recent client, Jen, of Jen Wojcik Photography. Specializing in wedding photography in both California and Italy, her work is amazing. Every photo she sent took my breath away. An background in art history, Jen’s approach to photography is timeless and thoughtful – it’s really fine art. I was thrilled when she was referred to me via another past awesome client, Ashley Kelemen, to help her bring a new level sophistication and professionalism to her branding. I mean – we are talking about Italian weddings here, right? Molto bello! We worked with elegant typography and hand drawn botanical olive leaves for a Tuscan feel. A modern color palette and touch of gold helped keep it from being too “old world”. Anyway, I’ll let Jen tell you in her own words. Check out her new branding below! Ciao!

I searched high and low for someone to work with me on branding. I even started working with someone and had them mock up a logo, only then realizing he didn’t understand me, my brand, or what I was trying to achieve. I talked to a good friend of mine who recommended Ann. And. Oh. My. God. She was life-changing. I was at a complete loss on how to communicate who I was and what I was through my brand. Ann gave me what she called “homework” and it was a series of worksheets that really made me examine my business. She asked me to answer them as thoroughly and as honestly as possible, because only then could she do her job. Where did I want it to be in 5 years? What kind of clients did I want? What kind of message did I want to send? What inspires me? It all really made me think and I answered everything as best and as honestly as I could. When she came back to me with how she saw me, it was so amazing to see myself through someone else’s eyes. She saw exactly who I was and what I was trying to convey and gave my business a voice. I have been so in need of an identity and Ann has given me that and so much more. She’s a dream to work with and went back and forth with me until everything was just perfect. I cannot recommend her enough. I sing her praises to everyone I meet!






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