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Would you wear your brand?

Someone recently ( okay, okay it was Tara over at Braid Creative) gave me an awesome idea to quickly “test” your brand expression. Ready for the earth-shaking revelation? 

Walk into your closet. Hold up your business card. Does it fit? Does it reflect your personal style? Is it the opposite of your personal style? Uh oh. Don’t fret…it just might be time to take the next step in your business’ design.

In the world of event planning, photography, design or any other field in which what you make is your brand; there is a lot of pressure to bring your own personal style and taste to what you do – that’s what it’s all about right? Whether you are hired to photograph an off-beat bride in that candid, cool way only you can. Or you’re known for your amazing floral artistry that creates a Pinterest bonanza. One thing is for certain – your clients are hiring you and your style. Make sure your brand design reflects those unique attributes that get you hired again and again. Think of it as an instant style snapshot. Is your current brand speaking to the right customers? The perfect customers? 

You don’t have to be something you aren’t. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current brand design, maybe it was never right to begin with but you already paid the designer, or maybe you bought a pre-made logo from a certain online crafting marketplace (I won’t judge) and it looks like someone else’s. You should feel proud and professional when you had over your card – you should feel authentic.  So, if you have an affinity for edgy black type that compliments your fashion driven, modern work and supercool wardrobe – but are walking around with swirly wedding script, pink and polk dots, it might just be time to walk into that closet and turn the light on!  

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