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This little light of mine

I’ve been singing this song to my son lately before bed, so forgive me for getting it stuck in your head, too! It has such a great meaning that I thought was appropriate for today’s post. 

 So, you want to rebrand your business. You know what you want. You have a Pinterest board, obsessively study logos you admire, you definitely know what you DON’T like, and have a vague vision of your new logo. Now what? How does it all come together? How do you get to the heart of your business branding without floating away in a sea of stars and satellites? See what I’m doing here…..

It’s easy to start feeling lost very quickly in the beautiful and exciting world of rebranding your creative business. There is so much out there and so many paths to go down. And guess what, ya’ll? I don’t have all the answers! Yep, it’s true. I am out there exploring, too. I do, however, consider myself a guide. Someone who’s turned a few corners – some right, some wrong – and ended up in some fantastic places with my clients. Someone who’s been in the branding universe for at least one light-year and can safely say that while I haven’t figured it all out, I have learned a few routes. Now, I know I am really using this space journey metaphor heavily here (I know, I know – stop, already), but you get the idea. My one piece of advice to those just starting out is this: Let YOUR light shine. Deep down, at the end of the day – YOU are the one with the answers. Your branding ultimately reflects your story. That sounds overwhelming. How do I wrap it all up into a visual identity? It’s impossible! Your clients will first form an opinion about you based on what they see – a beautiful logo, well thought out design details in your blog posts, the way you talk about yourself and your business, that AMAZING color palette. But it’s when they TALK to you, hear your voice, your sense of humor – that is when it all makes sense. So, my point is this: don’t get caught up looking at everyone else’s brand and trying to copy their successes. They are successful because they did their own thing. And you can be, too! So turn on that little flash light and start looking around. What do you have to offer your clients? What’s the one thing that makes you the best at what you do? How does your personality translate through your visuals? Once you figure that out, everything is illuminated. 


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