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Brand Reveal! // You Are Raven Photography

 A few months ago Raven approached me to rebrand her photography business to be more, well…”her”. In our initial conversation, she told me that she has been burned before by designers and was a little wary of starting the whole process again. I knew I needed to help make it right! Once we started to get to know each other a little more, I quickly understood her frustration. Her branding wasn’t representative of her style or personality. Although it was earthy and textural, it came across a little “yoga studio” and less bad-ass photographer with a penchant for visual storytelling. Raven has a quick wit and is a seriously smart person – she told me about her love of Arthurian Legends, folklore and humor. I knew we needed to rethink her design from a fresher, bolder standpoint – with just a hint of woodsy dreaminess. You might remember the sneak peek I posted. The result is a more cohesive brand expression with a just little bit of off-beat personality. You can check out her fantastic work here.  I think the branding statement we came up with for her is perfect: “I’m Raven. I make photographic magic”. 

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