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3 Lessons from May

May is about to come to a close and it’s been a good month despite some pretty rocky moments.  I have a lot of new projects to share soon, as well as some awesome new clients to get started on for the Summer. It’s been a month of learning lessons. Lessons about communication, confidence and perseverance.  As usual, I am going to share the hard stuff in hopes you will learn from my mistakes!

Here’s my communication lesson: don’t be afraid to have a hard conversation. If something is eating at you regarding a client relationship, don’t let a grain of sand become a pebble in your shoe. Isn’t that the saying? Swallow your fear, write a super nice and polite email and schedule a time to chat – on the phone, not email. It’s much better than letting it suck your energy from other projects. Also, it’s usually not as bas as you imagined! I find that people would rather you be upfront and tell them how you like to work rather than float around in the unknown.

Now, here’s my confidence lesson: (we all could use this one and it’s something that’s been coming up a lot on social media lately, so this is nothing really new) Stop looking at everyone one and playing the “I’m not, I can’t, I don’t” game. You know…”I’m not good enough”, “I can’t do that”, “I don’t have that situation”. Or just swap in your own personal doubts. It’s the curse of being a creative professional and the sooner you learn to manage it and use it to drive your own work the better.

Lastly, my perseverance lesson: Keep going. Even when it is hard and it sucks and you just want to burn it all down and run away. Take a deep breath and remind yourself what it was like before this little adventure. Was it easier? Yes. Was it less tiring? Yes. Were you bored? Yes. Were you stuck? Yes. Were you daydreaming about the thought of even having a “bad day” working for yourself? YES. It’s not all sunshiney daydreams. Just keep going because after a storm there might be a rainbow.

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