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The Balance Myth

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “balance”. What is balance especially if you work for yourself? Work, personal time – it’s all rolled into one ball of  well…life. Of course ,there are jobs that have clear definitions of work and “non-work” life. Clock in, clock out. I know many people who live like this and feel this is the best way to achieve some sort of balance. It works for them and I sometimes wish it would work for me. But what I’ve found is that I don’t want to live like that. I want the blur. I love that I can wake up and answer client emails from my bed, because then I get to make my son breakfast, take him to school and run an errand (on a weekday – bliss!). My challenge is managing the blur so it doesn’t wash over everything. Ok, enough of my metaphor! Trust me, there are times I feel that I haven’t managed it at all. There are days that I feel I am drowning and I can’t escape until I go to sleep. But I am really trying to focus on work during regular “work hours” and shut it down after 6pm. This kind of structure helps me enjoy my off’ time and refocus on my work when I am back in the office. I find I need the break from thinking about it all, even though it’s still there in my subconscious.

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In the meantime, have a fantastic (non-balanced) weekend!

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