Your clients walk away from the project with a design that you aren't 100% about.

You feel drained after each client - creatively and emotionally.

You feel like your work got watered down throughout the project.

Your projects start out with you at the helm but end with you just taking orders and executing.

You feel like your work is looking a little too much like everyone elses'.

You want your business to sustain, not just survive. 

Does this sound familiar?

Hey there, fellow designer! I have a question for you.

Is your work strategic? 
Or is it just scratching the surface?

It doesn't have to be this way. I want to show you how to deepen your design process with strategy and story so your business can thrive and your work can be magnetic. 

Want to know more? 

Where do you see your business in 5 years?
Will you be working for yourself or someone else? Is your design process built on trends and "what's in right now"? How will that sustain you - now, in 5 years, what about in 10 years?

Designers - I see you out there. You’re in a crowded marketplace, with lots of talent, trying to do killer work that to attract new clients and create work that will set you apart. The only way to rise above this ever-growing sea of competition is to add more meaning to your process. Meaning and thought can't be copied and only add to the value of your work. When your design is built upon a strategic story aimed directly at customers, your entire process becomes stronger. Your clients trust you, rely on your opinion, and want your expertise. 


You get more referrals, you control the outcome of your work, you become known for your unique design style, and you make more money. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Despite what it might look like online (ahem - Instagram), not everyone knows (a.) what brand strategy REALLY is and (b) how to actually implement it in their own design business. Sure, everyone can call themselves a strategist but if you aren't doing the work you're just another designer. And there are lots of those out there.

And what happens when your work is beautiful and works for your client's business?

I have reworked, launched, and concepted brands for over 100 clients who have spanned industries, expertise and personality types (that’s over 20 clients a year!). Saying those numbers makes me a little uncomfortable since it’s not my style to toot my own horn, but I am proud of the breadth of work that has been created with and for my clients.

I am Ann Parker, the founder & creative force behind Anthem Creative Co.

What brings me here to write this course? I’ve looked to these last five years of studio experience (and my 10 years of brand agency work).

I know a lot of people are doing courses at the moment and I totally get it. If you do decide to join us, this investment into your business and your brainpower will change the way you design for your clients, present your work, and lead your business.

Beyond design, beyond the beauty of the work, I want pass along my methods to help you deepen your design process.

I want your design business to thrive and your work to be meaningful to you AND your client. This course will give you the successful tools I use to streamline my process and craft a brand story that makes my clients happy and coming back for more.

Systems to execute true BRAND STRATEGY in your design work  

Protocol for successful client communications

A way to understand and pull the right information out of my clients so I can create a strategy that works for them

My presentation files, client intake questionnaires, customer persona method, competitive analysis framework, video walk throughs, and more - all for your use

How to present your strategy to the client for less pushback, added value, and more trust in YOUR design process

A one-on-one video Advisement Session with me to discuss your current design business pain points, a project or client that you might need perspective on, and questions about brand strategy in general!

Access to an active private Facebook group for enrolled students only

what you can expect from this course

I absolutely loved this course! Pure GOLD for upleveling your brand strategy skills and design business. I have admired Ann's work for years, in particular how unique yet gorgeous her client's branding always is. This course takes you through her exact method for crafting unique, high quality branding, and breaks it down into simple, easy to follow steps, along with providing other ways you can up level your business, including attracting the right clients! If you are a designer, no matter what level or stage you are at, you will not regret taking this course!



It really is the best course I've taken.



Fantastic course! With lessons that are delivered in small, informative doses, including lots of Ann’s valuable insights and downloadable resources, this course is exactly what I’ve been needing to help me take my work to the next level. If you’ve ever struggled with bringing meaning and depth to the brands you create, then this is the course for you. You won’t be disappointed!



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What are you waiting for?

The process and presentation techniques you learn in this course will change your business. Go behind the scenes of my studio, learn how to vet clients to set yourself up for success, create a solid brand strategy to not only support your design  - you'll  delight your clients, and attract more of them!

open for enrollment MARCH 2ND

the course begins MARCH 9TH

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I want your branding business to thrive. It's not just good for you, it elevates our entire industry. 

Still on the fence?


I'd love to answer any questions you might have an help you decide if Brand Strategy for Designers is right for you.

for a quick chat about the course and what's included!

Friday, March 6th
1 pm EST / 10 am PST

Anthem Creative Co. serves established business owners with an appreciation for detail and a new story to tell. We craft strategy, story and design for brave businesses ready for their brand to match their level of taste and experience.