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Count to three

All of this crazy snow has me wishing for warmer weather. Pools, frozen drinks, sun. It makes me think of the sound of the diving board springs that was the background music to my childhood. Remember walking out to the end of the board, heart pounding, thinking about what move you were going to do – swan dive, back flip, or the dreaded belly flop? All those people – your PEERS, no less – watching you. Simultaneously cheering you on and some of them waiting for you to fail. Now so many years later, I have a bit of the same feeling. Today was the last day of my life as an agency designer. My last day on someone else’s schedule. My last day on someone else’s payroll. The past year has been an build up, like walking up the steps to a high dive. One after another, trying to line things up. I have been so fortunate to have great (and I mean AMAZING clients), a super supportive family and coworker family, as well as a lot of advice from people I respect. I am busy. I am happy. I am nervous. I am grateful.  I am now in the deep end and couldn’t be more excited about it. Stay tuned for new work and hopefully some lessons I am learning along the way.

Now I just …


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