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Just starting

I recently had a conversation with a friend, well actually I’ve had a few of these conversations, that goes something like this:

Friend: ” I heard you went out on your own! I looked at your site and you are so brave to do this!”

Me: “Thanks! Yeah, it’s been a slow build up. The past year has been about laying a foundation.”

Friend: “I could NEVER do that. I don’t know where I would start. How would I have clients?”  (At this point I can see the worry on their faces – just thinking about doing something they want to do, but probably won’t). 

Me: “Like I said, I was basically working 2 jobs to get to the point where I feel like I can make a go of it on my own. Building up a client base, blogging, focusing on a specific type of client”.

Friend: “Ah! I could never do it! Where would my clients come from?”

And the conversation could probably go on like that, like a broken record, for hours. I totally get it. When I was first thinking of doing this it seems impossible, meant for other, more together people. People without a small child, people with more money, people with more talent. It SEEMED like that. Until I just started. What I wanted to say to my friend(s) was this: “Just start! Start while your mortgage doesn’t depend on it. Start while you can fail quietly and try again. Start just telling people you want to do it.” One of the biggest surprises I have had so far is just how excited and supportive people are. I hate to think that I never would have even known how many people were rooting for me had I not just started.

So wether you are a creative professional, learning a new skill, embarking on a new career, or starting a small empire. Just. Start.

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