brand design, packaging, tagline, positioning

Our work with lifestyle and travel brand, Nabatea was inspired by a feeling of adventure and rarity. Owner Stefania, travels the globe to find the beautifully odd pieces in her store - curating the collection with her eye for the unusual. The challenge we faced was to create a brand that told a story of mystery, luxury, and elegance with just hint of antique. Nabatea caters to a very specific customer, one with a discerning eye and love of thoughtful details. We focused directly on this customer and created a brand that would speak directly to her - wherever she may be.

Working with Ann is a straight forward process where you know from day one what the process is going to be and what is expected of you to make the process successful. You are guided every step of the way and Ann truly tries to understand your business and give it a facelift. 

Stefania Boglioli