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Brand Reveal // Donocle // Conversations to Better the Lives of Lawyers

Happy Thursday, ya’ll! Before the weekend kicks off, I have a new brand reveal to share that is the perfect example of a project that was a little out of my wheelhouse, but ended up being such a fun and refreshing experience.

Kate Mangan is a lawyer who cares about lawyers. She is dedicated to starting a dialogue about the life of law and how it can be improved. With first hand experience and countless conversations with other law counselors, she started writing and researching the issues these professionals regularly struggle with. Not only is she super fun to chat with, Kate is whip-smart. She’s already been featured on The Huffington Post, by the way. So, I was flattered and excited to help her position and brand her new business, Donocle. Donocle (a name made up by her son meaning “who wear the wrong clothes for their activities”) is all about engaging lawyers differently. Starting conversations, looking deeper and breathing life into the everyday. Kate came to me needing to define and reflect her vision for her business. We started with an intensive discovery process, which resulted in focus and clarity for what Donocle was to look like. The concept we developed is inspired by the word “woven”. Whether it’s stories, experiences or relationships – weaving makes the “whole” stronger. This was the idea for our woven circle icon. I loved the concept of Donocle being a fabric of sorts. The result was a professional, yet human visual identity that felt personal to Kate and her aesthetic. It was such a joy to work with Kate and I am looking forward to watching Donocle become a place of connection for lawyers.


Oh, and if you want to hear what Kate thought about working with me, I’ll let her tell you in her own words:

I hired Ann to develop the branding for a new company. I wanted to do something a little different—help lawyers thrive and improve their practices—and I needed a brand that combined some elements that are somewhat in tension. Ann created a gorgeous brand that, not only reflects who I am, but also what I and my company seek to contribute to the world. She went way beyond my wildest dreams of what my logo and brand would be like.  Her questions and worksheets were provocative and so very helpful to the branding and also to charting the right course for my company. She is a true visionary when it comes to translating business ideas into design. She developed a deep understanding of me, my clients, and my goals. She even kept me focus when I was listening a bit too much to those who didn’t understand my plan as well as she did. If you want a brand that stands out from your competitors, is beautiful, and captures you to a tee, I wholeheartedly recommend Ann!

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