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Brand Reveal // Eyeshot Photography

A couple of months ago, Eyeshot Photography in Phoenix contacted me about rebranding their studio. Eyeshot is an affordable, quality option for event photography and they didn’t want to change that perception. In fact, they wanted to update their branding and bring it up to speed – all while keeping the approachable, budget-friendly feel. Sounded like a challenge (and I love a challenge)! With a lot of collaboration, we totally overhauled a dated, dark looking brand design and made it fresh and modern. I really loved working with them to concept and push past their original perception of their business and clients. It truly was about being authentic and owning their (awesome) position in the marketplace.

When it comes down to it, Eyeshot is about the love of photography and making it accessible to everyone regardless of their budget. One of the coolest things about their business model is the fact that they employ a team of freelance photographers with varying aesthetics and backgrounds accommodate any style or budget. Love is at the heart of their business (hence the heart + lens icon). They didn’t have a strong tagline or brand statement before,  so – after working through my brand discovery process  – we focused in on the concept that Eyeshot Photography is simply “Photography that fits”. This tagline was then implemented throughout their marketing with various relevant messaging: “Photography that fits every budget”, “Photography that fits every vision”, “Photography that fits every style”. It was wonderful to see it all come together and have the cohesion they lacked before. Work-wise – it was a perfect fit for me! There really is nothing I love more than a total rebrand plus a client with enthusiasm and an open mind. This one didn’t disappoint. Here’s just a small sample of what we developed throughout the process.


Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.51.18 PM








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