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Brand Reveal / Jill & Co. Realty Group

It’s time for another brand reveal! I’m preparing for our big move to Beaufort, South Carolina next week and real estate has been on my mind. What a perfect time to show a recent branding project completed for Jill & Co. Realty Group based in New Hampshire & Massachusetts. Realtors are the perfect example of small businesses that need to set themselves apart by creating a strong, personal brand that reflects their style and personality. There is such an opportunity in the realty industry to do something clean, sharp and more unique than the typical “realtor” look. With Jill’s brand, we focused on something feminine, yet strong and welcoming. Jill is polished and professional but also has a fun, warm personality that extends to her team members. We collaborated to come up with something that felt classy and timeless – the total opposite of a lot of the trendy stuff we were seeing in her market. The result fit Jill and her team perfectly! The custom keyhole design was created as a representation of Jill’s turn-key approach to her sales and relationships with clients. The tagline, “Open the door to your real estate dreams.” was inspired by her guidance and dedication to helping her clients through all stages of the realty process. It was a fun challenge to think outside the box a bit on this one!


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