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Brand Reveal / Northwood Bentwood Rings



Happy September, everyone! I feel like this has been a seriously long summer and I am so excited to get into Fall here in the Lowcountry. The past few months have been filled with change (some good, some…not so much) and I am looking forward to the next season.

It’s time for another brand reveal and this one is a long time coming! I was lucky to have Laurel and Allan of Northwood Bentwood Rings contact me about rebranding their beautiful handmade wedding ring business. They are not only business partners, they are also married and their story was so entwined with their product it was just a natural fit for me to work with them. Based in Nova Scotia, they make exquisite bentwood rings for couples looking for something a little less traditional than the typical diamond and metal bands. Each band is created individually for the customer, resulting in a custom fit and a truly unique lifetime accessory. Laurel and Allan’s love for the materials and craft is evident in their beautiful work. The tagline: “Forge your own path.” speaks to their customers’ adventurous spirits and their choice to do something different in a normally tradition-driven time in their lives. It’s also a nod to Laurel and Allan’s own unbeaten path to wooden jewelry making.

The icon in the logo is inspired by a North pointing compass and the “woven” quality of the types woods they use to create the rings. I wanted to keep the logo modern and clean, given that much of their clientele are progressive and stylish. This isn’t a crunchy granola brand! There are plenty of those out there. Our goal was to reflect a more updated, polished identity and be seen as the high-end jewelry business they are. The entire brand system was built around the compass idea of direction and exploration, including the tagline. We chose to go with a softer, more luxurious color palette to give it a romantic feel. I loved the contrast of the masculine mark with the feminine color story. It felt very appropriate!

This is the perfect example of how storytelling can take a brand from “just pretty’ to meaningful. Customer insight and brand strategy are a powerful combination when it comes to creating a brand that stands the test of time. Now more than ever, it’s so important to go beyond the surface level and find the connection!



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