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Crazy Ideas

I’m currently scrambling to get some design deliverables out before we leave for New Orleans and Seaside, FL tomorrow. Taking breaks to pack, send some emails, frantically make lists – you know, all the fun of getting ready to leave your home and business for a week. Yikes. But that’s not the point of my post. I promise. In between all of this busy-ness an idea keeps popping into my head. Well…not popping. It’s really always been there. So, we’ll say it keeps coming into focus. You see, I’ve always always wanted to teach in some way. Not like a professor in a classroom, but something small and collaborative – like a “small group”. When I was working in “agencyland” I loved working with our interns or junior designers. Not necessarily sitting down and showing them exactly how to save a file properly for web (although I did that – a lot); but it was more about giving them a safe and positive place to share their work and ideas. That led to a lot of conversation about what I’ve learned since school – many times the hard way – and how my thoughts on branding and personal stories has evolved since then. In short – I love the dynamic of teaching or helping. I love the conversation and enthusiasm of sharing. I am able to do this now with my own clients, helping them uncover their personal style story to breathe life into the brand we are creating for them or giving valuable perspective on where they are and where they need to go. This might be through our in-depth conversations about their worksheets (if you have worked with me, you know 🙂 or helping them understand how to position themselves online. So….you are probably wondering, what’s my big idea? A branding workshop for small business owners. Something intimate and unique. Applicants would have to be accepted based on experience level and type of business. I would want the groups to be as diverse in industry as possible. There would be weekly online meetings, homework and challenges. Also, a private group for members to share and talk openly. My guidance with helping pin point current branding issues from a design standpoint, as well as recommendations on how to fix it. A personal mood board created for each member by me at the end of the workshop to help guide and give creative direction to their new vision. Like I said – this is all an unfocused idea and it’s kinda scary to put it out there. But maybe, just maybe, if I say it outloud it will start to happen. Life is funny like that. My dream students for this class would be: creative professionals – designers, photographers, writers, stylists, etc makers of things, anyone selling what they make online small business owners with a great sense of style   Interested? Let me know here!

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  1. Maria says:

    This is an amazing idea! I like to think I have a good eye for aesthetics, but always wonder what I missed out on without more formal training. It always makes me second-guess myself in terms of how much better my work COULD be if I had the right mentor in terms of branding and design. I’m much more confident in my web development and digital strategy skills so those are the services I offer, but I do daydream about being able to design brand and identity, too 🙂 Keep us posted on the project! Have a great vacation 🙂