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Why my dish soap is a study in great branding

I love my dish soap. Not because it’s the best cleaning soap (it might be). Not because it’s the cheapest (it’s not). Not even because it’s what my mom used (the opposite, in fact). I love it because it makes me feel like I am a different kind of consumer. What is this magical soap brand? Mrs. Meyers. Wait! That’s in every Target and big box store in – well…everywhere. It’s not that special, right? Let me tell you why I appreciate Mrs. Meyers so much. They figured out who their tribe is and they have never tried to be anything other than that. Their products are only slightly more expensive. They don’t do fruity or flowery scents with bright colors. They use natural ingredients. Instead they create amazing herbal scented products that appeal to a certain type of consumer – me. Shoppers like me that want something a little different, a little more “luxe” without breaking the bank. They don’t settle for something they feel is “cookie cutter”. But Mrs. Meyers’ real branding force? Their packaging. Now, I will admit my design snobbery. It is what I do, after all. Put yourself in the aisle of soaps and cleaning products. Hundreds of brands, millions of colors, all yelling at you. Then there’s a little pocket of calm, earthy colors with a retro vibe. That speaks to me. Something  a design sensibility that doesn’t assault your eyes every time you wash a dish. Something with great copywriting that makes me smile and only endears you to the brand even more. The point of my little soapbox (no pun intended) story is that details matter. Design matters. Copywriting matters. You have 3 seconds to grab a potential customer visiting your site. Count to 3. Pretty fast, huh? Make sure those powerful 3 seconds tell your story quickly and effectively with type, image and copy. Take a cue from Mrs. Meyers and put some extra love into the little details. It’s the most important investment you can make in your brand.



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