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Fave Business Tools for People Who Make Stuff

This is a little change from my ordinary post. Today I wanted to share a few tools I have been using to make my life somewhat easier. I am the first to admit, I am not a “business person” – which means I struggle with numbers and organization. Just ask my mom. Well..I am a business owner now, and it takes a lot of tools to help me get into boss mode. I’ve had a couple of clients ask about what I recommend lately.

So, here goes:

  •  For proposals and estimates:
  • For accounting and invoicing: (and it integrates seamlessly with Bidsketch!). Also, if you have some time, you need to read this ebook from the creator of Freshbooks. It’s a MUST read for create for a living. Check it out here.
  • Calendar: Google Calendar. I can’t function without it. Color coded and drag and drop.
  • For scheduling calls: Calendly. And if you want to chat with me about a project, just head on over here.
  • And my absolute favorite, can’t live without tool for project management is MiniGroup. If you are my client you know I love it!

I found out about these helpful tools through posts and recommendations like this, so I am paying it forward today! Hope you find some business sanity with one or all of these.





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