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New Work // B. Miller Photography

Have you ever talked to someone and just knew you would love hanging out with them? That’s how I felt the first time I talked to Bryan of B. Miller Photography in San Diego. It might be the fact that he surfs (so exotic to a landlocked Southerner) or his relaxed attitude, but Bryan is just one of those people who seems calm, cool and collected at all times. A vibe I was inspired by to create his refined, yet relaxed new branding. Bryan shoots some absolutely beautiful weddings and is work is really romantic and gorgeous. I had no shortage of beautiful imagery to use for the site. Together we collaborated on the new design, focusing on a clean and crisp look that lets his amazing work speak for itself. The hand lettered logo feels both expressive and also sophisticated. I wanted to incorporate some classic textures like worn denim and a bit of watercolor to keep it grounded. The result was a masculine, polished look that reflects the level of work Bryan creates. Oh – and makes sure you check out his video. Goosebumps.




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