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The Overlap: The Key To Your Brand Story

Ok, we’ve covered Being You in Business and Customer Personas. Now it’s time to talk about where those two concepts meet. It’s what I like to call The Overlap. The sweet spot that exists between your brand’s personality and your customer’s personality.  It’s also where I start weaving a brand story. Let’s take a quick dive in! For the purposes of this blog post, let’s focus on creative businesses.

Do you see similarities in both personas (brand and customer)? It’s likely that there are lots of things you have in common with them. That is great! It means you don’t have to try to appeal to someone you know nothing about. Yay for not being uncomfortable, right? So, ditch the marketing speak and explain things in a clear, friendly way. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Why? Because your ideal customer wants to like you. They already do like you. Make it easy on them. People like to talk with other people, not “brands.” 

Now — think about your brand as an experience. 

I suggest making a list of the similarities you’re finding. For example, most of my customers seem to be women with established businesses who’ve found me on Pinterest. Who are your customers and where did they find you? Share more about yourself and your process.Use your unique voice and experience to create a brand that has its own personality, not just another cookie cutter business that blends in. You don’t have to try so hard to appeal to your truly ideal customer. Are you a photographer trying to attract more big-budget brides? What are you showing them that could attract them to you and show them that you understand what they’re looking for? Are you sharing your penchant for fancy silk ribbons in your client welcome gifts? What about sharing a whole series of photos of beautiful, expensive flower arrangements from weddings you’ve already photographed? Are your brand materials tasteful and beautifully produced – letterpress, silk, foil, all that good stuff? Use your own tastes and knowledge to pepper in your personality and create a stronger story. You can get as deep as you want with this strategic type of thinking. It not only gives you a path but it also gives you a narrative to guide you. I could talk about this stuff all day so if you’d like to chat more about brand strategy, say hello! This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a brand in more strategic way. 

Now that you’re thinking about some of the things you both have in common, we can start to think about overlaps in style and aesthetics.

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