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And we’re back.

Wow. What a month! I feel like I just jumped off a speeding train. The past 30 days have been so busy with a trip to Charleston where we ate and drank our way through the city (first sans-child trip, people!), meeting with possible new partners, a lot of fresh, exciting projects and even more wrapping up. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with several new clients this past few weeks and it always amazes me how much I love learning about people and their businesses. It might be one of my favorite aspects of my job.

So, in the spirit of “newness”, I will post a recent project that just launched for local non-profit, CaringWorks, Inc. This one provided me the opportunity to work with two super talented Atlantans, photographer Josh Meister and copywriter Reid Davis. Headquartered in my neighborhood, CaringWorks is a truly incredible organization working to end homelessness. They focus on helping people with mental illness and addiction find housing, treat their issues and live stable, sustainable lives. Oh, and they have a 96% success rate. One of the things that impressed me the most was CaringWorks’ model of treating each individual as a “client”. I wanted to bring that aspect forward and focus on the clients’ personal stories in a dignified and positive way.

CaringWorks was in need of a brand overhaul that reflected their positioning our team collaborated on. The design needed to feel light and hopeful, with an emphasis on humanity. Since their logo was already very established, we refreshed the overall mark and kept the same, strong conceptual foundation. After an all day photo shoot at their transitional supportive housing facility, Hope House, I felt we had a greater understanding of not only the clients, but also the CaringWorks team. And what awesome people they are! Their stories were woven together to create a stronger, more genuine brand for a really great organization. I am so honored to be a part of their rebrand. You can check out the design elements below and the new website right here.





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  1. Leah says:

    Wow Ann, thank you for the kind words about CaringWorks. We cannot thank you and your fabulous team enough for walking us through this critically important process. We knew we needed an expert and you surely blew this one out of the water. Your patience, professionalism and creativity never waivered. “Re-branding” is not a simple endeavor but you managed to guide us through the processes beautifully. We are beyond thrilled with the results. Grit and Wit nailed it! THANK YOU!

  2. Leah says:

    Wow- thank you for the kind comments about CaringWorks. We are absolutely thrilled with the “re-brand” and cannot thank you and your fabulous team enough for bringing new life to the public face of the organization. Your patience, professionalism and creativity never waivered. Your tireless management of the process was above and beyond expectations but most importanly, it felt like you truly cared about CaringWorks at every step along the way. The results speak for themselves but I want to say it here for anyone who is thinking about entering into this process with you… Grit and Wit totally nailed it! We LOVE the results. Thank you!!!

  3. Dana Xavier Dojnik says:

    Beautiful work Ann for a great organization! I love the addition of Housing, Help and Hope to the logo.