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Brand Reveal / Native Wilds

Let’s celebrate this weekend with a brand reveal, shall we? This was one of those projects that I had to pinch myself throughout the process of building this brand story. Susanna McMillan, whose has equally amazing taste and kindness, approached me about helping her brand her new nursing wrap line, Native Wilds. The name alone struck me and I couldn’t wait to jump on board and get in to this one. The great thing about these wraps is that they are truly multifunctional. They offer privacy when nursing, a comforting blanket when holding, a cart cover, a car seat cover, not to mention they are beautiful infinity scarves. What I liked most about these are the fact that they are beautifully designed for moms that don’t necessarily want to they typical baby-prints so commonly found in stores. Susanna has a serious eye for style and is also a fantastic business woman. I am so excited to see where the Native Wilds brand goes.

As for the branding, we wanted something a little organic and rustic, but still modern and clean. It was important to Susanna to have a little quirkiness in the brand illustrations but to stay away from the stereotypical baby branding. No pastels and animals here. The goal was to connect with style-conscious moms looking for a “less is more” approach to motherhood products. We started brainstorming taglines and messaging concepts, quickly coming up with “Wear Motherhood Well” (I think I have to credit Susanna with that one!) and “We Are Still Us”, something that resonated strongly with both of us. The message is deeper than it might seem. Many new moms often feel conflicted about this role as “mom”. I remember thinking I needed to change in order to fit the mold and feeling guilty for being a bit resistant to the change. The Native Wilds brand is all about balancing YOU and your role as “mom”, not losing yourself and retaining your “native wilds”, while enjoying the adventure of it all.  When talking with Susanna about this and her beautiful sentiments on motherhood in general, I knew the brand story would be a strong one. So excited to finally be able to share this with you all! Head on over and check out the site!





NativeWilds_GreyStripe_Collage_2-01 NativeWilds_GreyStripe_Collage_2-02




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  1. I love you work on this project and think the product is great! I would want one if I were a mom. Great product and concept!