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Brand Reveal / Wedding Industry Rescue

It’s brand reveal day! I love those days, don’t you? Let’s get to it!

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Shea and Cheryl Bailey of Wedding Industry Rescue to create a bold, fun, and sophisticated brand for their event industry coaching business. As wedding industry veterans, the couple coaches other event planners through workshops, conferences, and consulting. I loved their passion for their industry (it’s infectious –  when you talk to them, you will understand) and I was excited to help them clean up their existing brand in order to get them to a more professional presence. Business minded and super savvy, they came to me with a deep understanding of marketing and how important their brand message is to their business. They also knew they needed a little help to get them where they wanted to go. Those are my types of clients!

The overall goal of the new brand was to ignite passion in their clients and remind them how much fun the wedding industry could be. Many of their clients come to them at time of overwhelming stress and feel as though they are drowning. Cheryl and Shea rescue them – hence the life preserver/ring icon. They support and guide them, leaning on their years of experience in the industry. And they do it with humor, personality, and lots of knowledge. Their tagline, “Marrying Business + Love” plays on their relationship (Mr. and Mrs, of course), the wedding industry, and rekindling the small business flame.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet this dynamic team and I loved creating something that felt personal and unique to them as a business and as a couple. Cheers, Cheryl and Shea!


WIR_Brand-02-02 WIR_Brand-01 WIR

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  1. Shea says:

    Ann, you did an amazing job! Cheryl and I really enjoyed working with you on this project. You seemed to naturally understand what we wanted our brand to say and stand for. Thank you so much and we hope to work with you again on another project.